Accident claims and contributory negligence

If an accident occurs on the road between vehicles, a lot of the time, the court may apportion the fault between the parties who are involved. Sometimes, the court may find one party at fault, and other times both parties are equally at fault or apportioned differently such as 60:40. This duty of care also extends to their own safety, to take precautions to minimise the risk of injury.

What Duties are Owed in an Accident

Any road user has a duty of care to avoid causing injury to other road users and pedestrians. The duty of care is not limited, and is not to say that each user has to make sure others are safe, but to prevent any injuries which could be reasonably foreseen from their actions on the road. Continue reading

Compensation Claim Advice

If you have lost money or possessions or suffered an injury as a result of an incident which was not your fault then you may be entitled to claim compensation from the party at fault. This is not the most complex of processes but, to the lay person, it may be a daunting prospect. The easiest and most effective first step is to seek legal advice from an expert in the relevant field. A solicitor can advise you generally as well an answering any questions you have which are specific to your claim. Further, a solicitor can give you a true assessment of the chances of a successful claim as well as advising you on any further evidence which may be needed. Continue reading