Spinal injury compensation claims

If a victim suffers from spinal injury or spinal cord injury due to a negligent accident, the claim which arises can be different to a regular personal injury compensation claim, as it results in serious injury. This causes a variety of other factors to be taken into consideration, and various experts may need to be consulted. This may also cause a higher amount of compensation to be sought in these types of cases, due to the sheer nature of the claim.

Both spinal injuries and spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis to the victim involved. This can cause a strain not only on the victim, but also on the individual’s close family and friends as they will need to provide aid and support. This can have a devastating effect on a range of people, and the victim may need to have home visits carried out by a medical professional, rather than hospital visits due to the difficulty of the situation.

These injuries can have a large impact on anyone who suffers from such an injury, not just physically but also psychologically as the effects of the injury last a lifetime. These injuries may arise due to a variety of different situations such as accidents on the road, at work, during conducting sports activities or even due to medical negligence.

The Compensation Given in Spinal Injury Claims

Compensation awarded for these types of claims will more often than not be more substantial than a regular personal injury claim. The compensation awarded, takes into account a number of factors in order to derive one lump sum of a monetary value, awarded to the victim at the date of trial or settlement. Pain and suffering is one factor which is taken into account. This includes any hurt the victim has been subjected to, together with the financial detriment they have suffered for lost wages or any medical expenses. In addition, future losses are also looked at, such as rehabilitation costs, the fees for nursing, disability aids and specialist equipment for the type of spinal injury incurred. These damages also look at any future loss of earnings, if the individual was in a line of work which they would not physically be able to do after sustaining the injury suffered.

As shown, there are a large amount of varying categories which compensation can be claimed for, and recovering for these requires a solicitor which is experienced and understanding in their field of work. These experienced solicitors are able to recover the full amount of compensation owed to the victim. However, a spinal injury claim will require work to be done not only by a specialist solicitor, but also by researchers and medical experts to evaluate each case on a case by case basis.

Spinal injuries can result in debilitating long term disabilities which can affect an individual for the rest of their lives. They may not be able to stay in their work, and they may require medical attention for their future. Thus, compensation for these types of claims has a more complex method of claiming than regular personal injury claims as more factors are taken into account. An experienced solicitor should be able to claim the full award of compensation owed to the victim, so that they can learn to live with their injury and recover to the best of their ability.

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