PI claims – an app for that !

Personal Injury claims – there’s an app for that !

Yes, you guessed it, there’s now a handy mobile app for starting a personal injury claim, and this is really no surprise bearing in mind the market for personal injury claims is now thought to be worth as much as 3 billion pounds a year.

This is an ingenious move and notwithstanding the cynicism about the PI market and so-called ambulance chasing lawyers, this particular app seems to be well thought out and in fact genuinely useful.

When accidents happen, particularly traffic accidents, in the chaos and shock afterwards, it can be very difficult to remember what has happened, who the other parties are, their insurance details, witnesses and so on. This new app, created by 2ergo enables fast and easy collection of the vital data required. In fact, the insurers are welcoming this also as it is likely to assist in weeding out some of the many dodgy claims made each year because the way it is intended to work is that each insurer will have their own app and the customer will complete the details and forward to their insurance company. And best of all, this app is free, although we are not yet able to advise on which operating systems it may work, although we will update on this when we find out more.

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